The Tavel appellation

Southern Rhône Valley


The soil, composed mainly of sand, clayey alluvium and rounded pebbles, has a high filtration capacity, which is very beneficial to the vines.


Black grenache dominates, but Tavel rosés can be made from a wide range of grape varieties, including cinsault, mourvèdre, syrah, calitor and carignan. White varieties such as clairette blanche and rose, picpoul and bourboulenc can also be added.
The deep colour of rosés - which is what makes them so special - comes from pre-fermentation cold maceration (12 to 48 hours) - unlike traditional rosés, which are pressed directly after harvesting.

Style des vins

Deep pink in colour, this wine is powerful and generous. Its floral aromas are followed by fruity flavours on the palate thanks to its terroir and the variety of grape varieties. Hints of red fruit, toasted almonds and spices develop with age.