The Rasteau appellation

Southern Rhône Valley


The vineyards are planted on south-facing slopes. The Mistral, a powerful northerly wind, slows down and prolongs the ripening of the grapes with its cold currents. The plots dedicated to the production of sweet wines are located on sandy-clay hills.


AOC wines must contain at least 50% Grenache. Black Grenache, the vineyard's main variety, is vigorous, wind-resistant and drought-resistant. It is perfectly suited to the well-exposed, low-fertility and dry hillsides of this terroir.

Style des vins

The quality of the vineyards and the terroir enable us to produce still red wines classified as AOC Rasteau. These wines are harmonious and persistent on the palate, with very pronounced aromas of sultanas, prunes, candied or cooked fruit, which can develop into accents of quince, apricot, honey or warm spices.