The Luberon appellation

Southern Rhône Valley


This terroir is the most southerly in the Rhône Valley, benefiting from the Mediterranean climate of the Rhône Valley and that of Haute Provence. Its relief and plateaux are alluvial, with hard limestone (Cretaceous), marl, sand and red clay.


For the reds: Black Grenache and Syrah.
For the whites: Grenache, Clairette, Roussanne, Rolle and Ugni Blanc.
For the rosés: Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault.

Style des vins

The red wines, with their fruity aromas, are full-bodied, supple and well-balanced on the palate.
The white wines are dry, fresh and aromatic, renowned for their fine bouquet.
The rosés are lively and fresh, with subtle spicy notes, reminiscent of the wines of Provence.